One of the most important events in any family’s life is welcoming a new child. Not only the adoptive parents, but their extended families, friends and co-workers are excited and involved in the process. Everyone will have lots of questions and concerns. If you need more information, it is best to contact an adoption attorney about your specific situation.

Our firm handles hundreds of adoptions every year, some of which are very complex. We represent adoptive parents in all kinds of adoptions – agency, independent, step-parent, adult, foster care, and international. We are also active in proposing and lobbying for legislation to improve our adoption laws.

For many of our adoptive parent clients, Kathleen is the first attorney with whom they have ever worked. Our goal is to provide them with compassionate, cost-effective and successful representation in one of the most important events of their lives.

Our firm also represents parties, who form families through alternative reproductive technology. We can assist intended parents, gestational carriers, traditional surrogates, and egg donors. Since the firm does not represent clinics or ART businesses, we have the independence and experience to help individuals and families. Call Kathleen directly to discuss your confidential matter.