The law practice of Kathleen Hogan Morrison is concentrated in the law of adoption. A practitioner must have skill in maneuvering through the maze of rules and regulations formulated by the state of Illinois, other states, other countries, federal authorities, and applicable case law. We handle all types of adoptions -- agency, independent, step-parent, adult, foster care, and international. Knowledge of the laws governing adoption matters is a contributing factor to what allows an adoption to proceed with little difficulty. However, there can be complications and, therefore, it is also extremely important that any practitioner in this area recognize what is and is not a case that is appropriate for a new lawyer in this area of law. If, indeed, the case involves a contest between birth parents and adoptive parents, if it is an area that involves a co-parent adoption by lesbian or gay couples, if this is an adoption that arises from DCFS, involves interstate, the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, raises issues about the Indian Child Welfare Act, or otherwise has indicia of a complicated adoption, the smart and careful practitioner will recognize those problems and understand that this is a case appropriate for a referral. The risk of a malpractice claim is just as real in adoption law as in other areas.

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