As an adoption professional, you are no doubt aware of how complex adoptions have become over the last ten years. This complexity has grown as society has recognized specific rights of birth parents, as adoptive parents have become more assertive of their rights, and new laws are regularly being enacted to protect the rights of children whose best interests should be the paramount goal of adoption law and practice.

Over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of claims filed against agencies by birth parents and adoptive parents. To help agencies better understand what their legal obligations are, Kathleen Hogan Morrison can provide consultation and legal advice, as well as customized agency training in the following areas:

  • proper notice and consent procedures
  • distinguishing between legal fathers and putative fathers
  • how to comply with the Illinois Putative Father Registry
  • when the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children applies to adoptions
  • complying with the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • status of relative preference laws
  • how to minimize the risk of a wrongful adoption or malpractice lawsuit

This is just a sampling of topics relevant to adoption agencies. You may have other specific advice or training needs. At the law office of Kathleen Hogan Morrison, we have over 15 years of legal experience in adoption and foster care. To find out more about how we may serve your agency, please contact us at (312) 977-4477.